Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite at Anytime Fitness Vertis North

Thank your body by taking care of yourself!

Between our daily grind, taking real good care of ourselves thru proper food and exercise becomes a challenge. Good thing there is Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite with Stevia extract (no sugar added) which is perfect for health buffs, and Anytime Fitness when we need to sweat anytime we please!

Other than being perfect for keto diet and gym enthusiasts, Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite is packed with health benefits such as Iron, Potassium, Protein, and Vitamin E. It is also cholesterol-free and a natural dietary fiber. How great is that!

This tie-up between these 2 wellness brands have been made possible last Jan 28 at Anytime Fitness Vertis North. AF Vertis North Purple warriors were excited to try especially-concocted “Lily’s Spread Lite Protein Shake”. Lots of Lily’s gift packs were also given to members during the game and all those who attended the GX classes.
For easy fix, try out Lily’s Lite Protein Shake by following this procedure at home:

• ¼ cup Lily’s Peanut Butter Spread Lite
• ¼ cup Whey Protein
• ¼ cup Skimmed Milk
• 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
• 1 pc. Lakatan Banana (Mashed)
• 170g Crushed Ice
• 3 tbsp. Honey

1. In a large bowl, combine Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite, mashed banana, honey, and whey protein. Manually mix using wire whisk
2. Gradually add the skimmed milk, and vanilla until fully mixed and homogenized.
3. Blend all ingredients in a blender
4. Enjoy your Lily’s Protein Shake!

Thanks Anytime Fitness! Expect our next leg soon!

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