To start the year right, the company has once again held its Sales Kick-Off event last Jan 16-17 at Big Rock Farm Resort, San Rafael, Bulacan.

Guided by the company’s goal to “Level-Up (Leap High NFPI)”, everybody had a refreshed mind and re-invigorated their team spirit. The event started with presentation of 2019 highlights and 2020 strategic plans by company’s top executives. This was followed in the afternoon with the much-anticipated team building activities-skybike, wall climbing and obstacle course. Four teams competed- Team Classic, Team Lite, Team Crunchy and Team Coco Jam. Some fought their fears just to finish the challenge, some tried hard but the fear of heights was just too much. These moments saw the real meaning of teamwork, as other co-members helped finish the task. Winning teams were awarded to Team Crunchy (2nd prize) and Team Lite (1st prize) for the shortest time to complete all challenges.

To further align with the company’s vision, a short talk was conducted by Mr. Raymund de Vera the following day with the topic “Sales & Marketing Breakthrough”. The insights gained are definitely helpful in motivating everyone and let them focus on their shared goals and strategies.

As we “LEAP HIGH” this year especially with the upcoming 70th company anniversary, let’s all work as one and overcome the new challenges of 2020. Leap High NFPI!