Lily’s peanut butter has joined World Food Expo 2019 (WOFEX) once again this year held on Aug 7-10, 2019. WOFEX is the country’s largest food show in the country boasting of 2 venues: SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center.

WOFEX guests enjoyed numerous offerings from Lily’s peanut butter booth at the SMX Convention Center. From giving-away of Lily’s Crunchy peanut butter sandwich, vegetable salad with Lily’s peanut spread Lite dressing to peanut satay sauce with Lily’s peanut butter Classic. Tokens were also given to booth visitors who inquired about the products. Highlight of Lily’s peanut butter’s participation was the airing of the the new Lily’s company video featuring our state-of-the art equipment, 100% fully-automated production plant. Another impressive presentation to the guests was the rigid microbiological analysis and mycotoxin test shown in the video. With Lily’s peanut butter, you are assured that every peanut kernel is 100% peanut quality

Enjoy our short video with link below: