Lily's Kare-Kare

Your usual Sunday and special get-together without your most-loved Kare-Kare and Lily’s Peanut Butter will never be the same again. How can you resist the sweet yet savory peanut butter goodness of it which meat has been tenderly cooked for perfection? Do not feel surprised if you get hungry again and your tummy asks for more after eating a bowl of Kare-Kare.

           • 1 kilo Pork Shank (Pata ng Baboy)
          ​​• ½ kilo Ox Tripe
          ​​• 1 cup String Beans, Cut
          ​​• 1 cup Lily’s Peanut Butter
          ​​• 1 tbsp. Garlic, Minced
          ​​• 1 tbsp. Onion, Minced
          ​​• Bagoong
          ​​• Cooking Oil for Frying

          ​• Cook the Ox Tripe in the pressure cooker until soft.
          • Discard liquid and set aside the cooked ox tripe.
          • Boil the pork shanks until tender.
          • Blanch the vegetables in a separate pan of boiling water with a bit of salt then immerse in a bowl of ice water. Set aside.
          • In a large saucepan, sauté onion and garlic.
          • Add in the boiled pork shank pieces and ox tripe.
          • Mix in the Lily’s Peanut Butter. Allow the peanut butter to coat all the pork pieces/ox tripe and simmer over low fire for a few minutes.
          • Put in the broth ox tripe and pork shank liquid.
          • Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
          • Serve by putting first the Kare-Kare meat with sauce in the serving bowl and top it with veggies for a nice “Restaurant-Like” Presentation.
          • Serve with bagoong on the side.

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