Fill your home with the smell of these freshly made delicious no-bake goodies which surely will have a place in your heart. Perfect for your kids’ snacks or baon at school. Awesome and delightful because of its main ingredients, Lily’s Crunchy Peanut Butter!.

           • ⅓ cup Lily’s Crunchy Peanut Butter
          • ¼ cup Graham Cracker Crumbs
          • ⅛ tsp Salt
          • 10 pcs Flat-Biscuit Marie
          • 250 grams Semi Sweet Chocolate

          • ​ In a bowl, combine Lily’s Crunchy Peanut Butter, cracker crumbs and salt. Mix well and set aside.

          ​• Place a spoon full of filling mixture on a flat biscuit.
          ​• Place another biscuit on top of the filling to make a sandwich.
          ​• Repeat with remaining filling and biscuits.
          ​• Freeze sandwiches for about 5 minutes or until filling is firm.
          ​• Melt chocolate in a bowl.
          ​• Dip assembled cookie sandwiches in melted chocolate.
          ​• Let excess chocolate drip off and place on a clean tray lined with wax paper.
          ​• Let sandwiches dry and set.

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